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Emergency Preparedness In 3 Easy Steps...

Buy emergency kits and supplies. Buy ER™ Emergency Ready 72-Hour Survival Kits & Supplies

72 Hour Survival KitEmergency RationEmergency Pack

ER™ Emergency Ready 72-Hour Survival Kits contain all the ermgency suppliies to survive for 72 hours and have innumerable advantages over the cheap imitation kits that you may find sold elsewhere. Through 25 years of pioneering product research and engineering, ER™ 72-Hour Survival Kits have been developed to be the most comprehensive, reliable, and cost-effective 72-hour survival kits and supplies on the market today.

Each ER™ 72-Hour Survival Kit comes standard with a 72-hour, per-person supply of US Coast Guard Approved emergency food and water with a 5-year shelf-life. In order to receive the USCG seal of approval, ER™ Emergency Ration Food Bars and ER™ Emergency Ration Water Boxes have been specially formulated and engineerd to store safely for 5 years, even in extreme temperatures, and to provide the optimal balance of nutrients and calories for survival victims.

And, don't waste your time replacing your entire kit when only a few items need to be replaced. Save time and money instead by purchasing an ER™ Easy Replacement Pack once every 4 years. Each emergency pack contains replacement items for only the emergency supplies that expire and need to be replaced periodically.

Make an emergency preparedness plan. Make An Emergency Preparedness Plan

Make an emergency preparedness plan by using our guides to learn life-saving tips about what to do before, during, and after earthquakes, hurricanes, winter storms, tornadoes, floods, terrorist attacks, and more. Review the information today and then setup a time to review it with your family and finish making your own customized emergency preparedness plan.

Be ready with disaster preparedness news and info. Stay Informed With Emergency Preparedness News

Another great way to be prepared for an emergency is to be vigilant by being aware of natrual and man-made disasters. We are proud to offer the only news feed of article on the Internet that provides live news updates on breaking emergencies throughout the world.